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The Web 2.0 for ELT teachers: Podcasts, Blogs, Wikis, Virtual Worlds and Digital Games

Date: November 26th - 30th , 2007. Venue: British Council, Caracas, Venezuela.

This event offers a unique opportunity for those interested in deepening their knowledge on ICT and its integration in the language classroom.

The seminar will be directed by Graham Stanley, British Council teacher and ICT co-coordinator in Barcelona, Spain. Throughout the week there will be opportunities for dialogue with teacher from different universities in Venezuela.

Aimed at teachers with advanced knowledge on ICT and teacher trainers.
This British Council seminar focuses on the web 2.0 tools and their ELT applications.

The seminar focuses on:

Podcasts and Video-podcasts
Blogs (RSS-Tagging-Tecnorati)
Wikis & Whole language approach
Virtual Worlds
Digital games

The seminar offers hands-on activities and the development of institutional projects. Seminar participants will also listen to some experiences and projects developed by Venezuelan teachers concerned with ICT integration in ELT in public university and

The seminar will be organized by British Council Venezuela and AVEALMEC (Asociación Venezolana para la Enseñanza y Aprendizaje de Lenguas Mediados por el Computador) , which is a young emergent association interested in promoting the use of technology in ELT in Venezuela.

ICT and Teacher Training

Trainee teachers should get involved in using ICT in order to include them in their future ELTeaching.

This term I had my students open blogs to post some reflections in their process of learning and to use different features in their entries.

Some of them got really enthusiastic, and some others where even teaching their less expert classmates to use some applications.

The interaction "behind the scenes" (comments) was encouraging. I'm really happy with the results, eventhough not many of the students got to expand their blogs.

One thing we didn't have time for was to set up lessons/activities in their blogs to learn how to use them for teahing/follow up of the lessons they teach in class. Maybe next time...

Some drawback still persist:
not being able to use class time for ICT ,
students' lack of time and internet access,
not having the teacher with them to work with their blogs and other online activities set for the course were some of the obstacles my students reported for this strand of the course.

Click below to see their blogs.

InterCultural Resource Pack

It's been a long time since I updated this blog.
Among several projects I was working with, the Intercultural Resource Pack is the one I'd like to show everybody in this online community.

An over-a-year- long project, worked completely online (5 people in the team: 1 in Argentina, 2 in Brazil, 1 in USA, and 1 in Venezuela) has finally come out to the public, especially for teachers of English who want to develop intercultural awareness in their classes.


our website and download the pack

use any of the activities and give us a little feedback in our forum

I hope it's of great help.

ICT in ELT: Developing Networks and Designing Materials

ICT is starting to spread in Venezuela. We know very little about what other ELTeachers are doing in this area.
A seminar will take place to train more teachers to use them. British Council Venezuela and University of Los Andes, Mérida are organizing it.
Two main tools have been set to let people know what's happening everyday:
a blog , and a wiki .

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